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Battle for the House of Representatives

Current House (232 R, 202 D, 1 I): Democrats Need to Pick Up 15 Seats For Control

HOUSE: 222 D, 213 R (D +19) On the Republican side, RCP's Final House ratings list thirteen seats in the Leans Democrat category, fourteen in the Toss Ups column and twenty seats rated Leans Republican. On the Democratic side, 2 seats are rated as Toss Ups with 4 Leaning Democrat.

Splitting Toss Ups 50/50, RCP projects Democrats picking up 19 seats in the House of Representatives with an overall range of 14 - 24 seats.

Republican Seats
Leans Dem (13)
Toss Up (14)
Leans GOP (20)
Democratic Seats
Leans GOP (0)
Toss Up (2)
Leans Dem (4)