RealClearPolitics - 2020 Election Maps - Race Changes


46 Democrats *
Toss Ups
Republicans 47
40 Safe or Not Up2473638 Safe or Not Up
51 Seats Needed For Majority (Recent Race Changes)
Date State Previous Status New StatusDems Toss Ups GOP
9/17ArizonaAZLeans Dem»»»Toss Up46*747
9/14South CarolinaSCToss Up»»»Leans GOP47*647
9/13MinnesotaMNToss Up»»»Leans Dem47*746
9/6ColoradoCOToss Up»»»Leans Dem46*846
9/2ArizonaAZToss Up»»»Leans Dem45*946
8/20OregonORLikely Dem»»»Safe Dem44*1046
8/20MinnesotaMNLeans Dem»»»Toss Up44*1046
8/6ColoradoCOLeans Dem»»»Toss Up45*946
8/6South CarolinaSCLeans GOP»»»Toss Up45*946
8/5KansasKSLeans GOP»»»Likely GOP46*747
8/3South CarolinaSCLikely GOP»»»Leans GOP46*747
7/15Georgia 1GA1Leans GOP»»»Toss Up46*747
7/15MichiganMILeans Dem»»»Toss Up46*747
7/9AlaskaAKSafe GOP»»»Likely GOP47*548
7/2ArizonaAZLeans Dem»»»Toss Up47*548
6/25Georgia 1GA1Likely GOP»»»Leans GOP48*448
6/22MichiganMIToss Up»»»Leans Dem48*448
6/19ColoradoCOToss Up»»»Leans Dem47*548
6/11IowaIALeans GOP»»»Toss Up46*648
6/3ArizonaAZToss Up»»»Leans Dem46*549
5/20South CarolinaSCSafe GOP»»»Likely GOP45*649

* Senators Angus King (I-ME) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) caucus with Democrats.
Current Senate: 47* Democrats | 53 Republicans