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Utah Senate - Romney vs. Wilson



Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney (R)

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Jenny Wilson

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Utah Snapshot

RCP Ranking: Safe GOP
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Polling Data

Romney (R)
Wilson (D)
Final Results------62.630.9Romney +31.7
Salt Lake TribuneSalt Lake Tribune10/3 - 10/9607 RV4.05923Romney +36
UtahPolicy/Dan Jones*UtahPolicy*8/22 - 8/31809 LV3.45529Romney +26
Salt Lake Tribune/Dan JonesSalt Lake Tribune6/11 - 6/18654 RV3.95820Romney +38
UtahPolicy/Dan Jones*UtahPolicy*2/9 - 2/16609 RV4.06014Romney +46
Salt Lake Tribune/Dan JonesSalt Lake Tribune1/15 - 1/18803 RV3.56419Romney +45
UtahPolicy/Dan JonesUtahPolicy8/30 - 9/5608 RV4.06426Romney +38

Race Analysis

9/13/18 -- Orrin Hatch is retiring and Mitt Romney is the nominee.  Unsurprisingly, he looks set to hold the seat for the GOP.

----------Race Preview----------

Utah is best known as the homeland of the Mormon religion.  For years the state leaned Democratic, but as the culture wars heated up it began to shift toward the Republicans.  The state hasn't elected a Democratic senator since the 1970s, and all of the Republicans elected have been varying degrees of conservative.  Of course, in a place like Utah those varying degrees matter; in 2010 Sen. Bob Bennett lost his seat -- for being too much of a moderate -- to Tea Party favorite Mike Lee.

It remains an open question whether Sen. Orrin Hatch, first elected in 1976, will try to run for a seventh term.  If he does, his age and lengthy tenure in Washington could become an issue, in a state where Democrats are unpopular but so is president Trump.  If he doesn’t, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney would probably put up a strong defense of the seat.