44 Democrats *
Toss Ups
Republicans 50
37 Safe or Not Up3463146 Safe or Not Up
51 Seats Needed For Majority (Recent Race Changes)
Date State Previous Status New StatusDems Toss Ups GOP
10/12TennesseeTNToss Up»»»Leans GOP44*650
10/8TexasTXToss Up»»»Leans GOP44*749
10/3New JerseyNJToss Up»»»Leans Dem44*848
10/1North DakotaNDToss Up»»»Leans GOP43*948
10/1New JerseyNJLeans Dem»»»Toss Up43*948
8/31MontanaMTLeans Dem»»»Toss Up44*947
8/31TexasTXLeans GOP»»»Toss Up44*947
8/22WisconsinWILikely Dem»»»Leans Dem45*748
8/14VirginiaVALikely Dem»»»Safe Dem45*748
8/13Minnesota SpecialMN2Likely Dem»»»Leans Dem45*748
7/18West VirginiaWVToss Up»»»Leans Dem45*748
7/17New JerseyNJLikely Dem»»»Leans Dem44*848
6/13OhioOHLeans Dem»»»Likely Dem44*848
4/18TexasTXLikely GOP»»»Leans GOP44*848
4/5TennesseeTNLeans GOP»»»Toss Up44*848
3/14Mississippi 1MS1Likely GOP»»»Safe GOP44*749

* Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Sen. Angus King (I-ME) currently caucus with the Democrats.
Current Senate: 49* Democrats | 51 Republicans