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Battle for the Senate


45 Democrats *
Toss Ups
Republicans 48
38 Safe or Not Up6172442 Safe or Not Up
51 Seats Needed For Majority (Recent Race Changes)
Date State Previous Status New StatusDems Toss Ups GOP
10/30KentuckyKYToss Up»»»Leans GOP45*847
10/28LouisianaLALeans GOP»»»Toss Up45*1045
10/27LouisianaLAToss Up»»»Leans GOP45*946
10/26ArkansasARLeans GOP»»»Toss Up45*1045
10/26South DakotaSDLeans GOP»»»Likely GOP45*1045
10/23MichiganMILeans Dem»»»Likely Dem45*946
10/21ArkansasARToss Up»»»Leans GOP45*946
10/14New HampshireNHLeans Dem»»»Toss Up45*1045
10/13South DakotaSDLikely GOP»»»Leans GOP46*945
10/8New HampshireNHToss Up»»»Leans Dem46*945
10/7MinnesotaMNLeans Dem»»»Likely Dem45*1045
10/6KentuckyKYLeans GOP»»»Toss Up45*1045
10/5MontanaMTLikely GOP»»»Safe GOP45*946
10/2MichiganMIToss Up»»»Leans Dem45*946
10/1New HampshireNHLeans Dem»»»Toss Up44*1046
9/30New HampshireNHToss Up»»»Leans Dem45*946
9/28LouisianaLALeans GOP»»»Toss Up44*1046
9/28New MexicoNMSafe Dem»»»Likely Dem44*1046
9/26MichiganMILeans Dem»»»Toss Up44*947
9/17LouisianaLAToss Up»»»Leans GOP45*847
9/15New HampshireNHLeans Dem»»»Toss Up45*946
9/12KentuckyKYToss Up»»»Leans GOP46*846
9/12MichiganMIToss Up»»»Leans Dem46*846
9/8KansasKSLeans GOP»»»Toss Up45*1045
9/7MinnesotaMNLikely Dem»»»Leans Dem45*946
9/1IllinoisILSafe Dem»»»Likely Dem45*946
8/30West VirginiaWVLeans GOP»»»Likely GOP45*946
8/19KansasKSLikely GOP»»»Leans GOP45*946
8/16HawaiiHILikely Dem»»»Safe Dem45*946
8/11KansasKSSafe GOP»»»Likely GOP45*946
8/6KansasKSLikely GOP»»»Safe GOP45*946
8/6New JerseyNJSafe Dem»»»Likely Dem45*946
7/28MichiganMILeans Dem»»»Toss Up45*946
7/28MontanaMTLeans GOP»»»Likely GOP45*946
7/28West VirginiaWVLikely GOP»»»Leans GOP45*946
6/12OregonORLeans Dem»»»Likely Dem46*846
5/30MichiganMIToss Up»»»Leans Dem46*846
5/12OregonORLikely Dem»»»Leans Dem45*946
5/10GeorgiaGALeans GOP»»»Toss Up45*946
4/29IowaIALeans Dem»»»Toss Up45*847
3/15New HampshireNHLikely Dem»»»Leans Dem46*747
2/27ColoradoCOLeans Dem»»»Toss Up46*747
2/22MississippiMSSafe GOP»»»Likely GOP47*647
2/12LouisianaLALeans Dem»»»Toss Up47*647
2/10North CarolinaNCLeans Dem»»»Toss Up48*547
2/8KansasKSSafe GOP»»»Likely GOP49*447
2/3KentuckyKYLeans GOP»»»Toss Up49*447
1/17VirginiaVASafe Dem»»»Likely Dem49*348

* Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-VT) & Sen. Angus King (I-ME) currently caucus with the Democrats.

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