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Ohio 14th District - Joyce vs. Wager


David Joyce

David Joyce (R)*

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Michael Wager

Michael Wager (D)

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Ohio Snapshot

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2014 Key Races: Governor | OH-6

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Polling Data

PollDateSampleJoyce (R)Wager (D)Spread
Final Results----63.333.0Joyce +30.3

Race Analysis

When the American colonies were founded, the initial charters frequently provided that the colony would have dominion over the land between certain latitudes, from sea to sea. Early explorers failed to appreciate the breadth of the continent. When the colonies later achieved independence, their sea-to-sea claims survived, and provided an early source of consternation for the fledgling union.

Connecticut was forced to surrender many of its early claims, but it retained a claim to the southern shore of Lake Erie in Ohio until 1800. These areas were settled largely by Yankees, and retained significant fealty to anti-slavery parties for much of the country’s history. Today, however, this is largely suburban territory, and its politics resemble those of other northern urban districts: Probably best suited for moderate Republicans, but in an environment where moderate Republicans become fewer and farther between, the districts remain competitive.

Steve LaTourette decided suddenly in 2012 not to seek re-election, allowing county chairmen and secretaries to select the GOP nominee. Dave Joyce, the Geauga County prosecutor, was selected, and won the seat handily. Joyce’s relative moderation and the manner in which he was selected left him vulnerable to a challenge from the right in 2014, which he narrowly survived. Joyce is a favorite against Michael Wager, who served on the Cuyahoga County Port Authority, in the fall.