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Wyoming Senate - Barrasso vs. Chesnut


John Barrasso

John Barrasso (R)*

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Tim Chesnut

Tim Chesnut (D)

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Wyoming Snapshot

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Polling Data

PollDateSampleBarrasso (R)Chesnut (D)Spread
Final Results----75.721.7Barrasso +54.0

Race Analysis

Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming are in competition for the title of "Most Republican State." No Democrat has come within 20 points of a Republican presidential candidate in a two-way race since the 1964 election, when LBJ handily carried Wyoming.  Democrats have had some success at the gubernatorial level, but not in Senate elections: The Senate delegation has been all-Republican since Malcolm Wallop defeated Gale McGee in 1976.  There isn't any indication that this will change in 2012, as John Barrasso looks like a strong favorite over Tim Chesnut.