2012 GOP Nomination
Wisconsin 2012 Recall
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49 Democrats *
Toss Ups
Republicans 44
38 Safe or Not Up657242 Safe or Not Up
51 Seats Needed For GOP To Take Control (Recent Race Changes)
Date State Previous Status New StatusDems Toss Ups GOP
11/5MissouriToss Up»»»Leans Dem49*744
11/4ArizonaToss Up»»»Leans GOP48*844
11/4ConnecticutToss Up»»»Leans Dem48*844
11/4OhioToss Up»»»Leans Dem48*844
11/4PennsylvaniaToss Up»»»Leans Dem48*844
11/3PennsylvaniaLeans Dem»»»Toss Up45*1243
10/30NebraskaLikely GOP»»»Leans GOP46*1143
10/30North DakotaLeans GOP»»»Toss Up46*1143
10/29MassachusettsLeans Dem»»»Toss Up46*1044
10/28North DakotaToss Up»»»Leans GOP47*944
10/28OhioLeans Dem»»»Toss Up47*944
10/26MassachusettsToss Up»»»Leans Dem48*943
10/22PennsylvaniaToss Up»»»Leans Dem47*1043
10/19OhioToss Up»»»Leans Dem46*1143
10/16PennsylvaniaLeans Dem»»»Toss Up45*1243
10/15New MexicoLeans Dem»»»Likely Dem46*1143
10/8FloridaToss Up»»»Leans Dem46*1143
10/7FloridaLeans Dem»»»Toss Up45*1243
10/7OhioLeans Dem»»»Toss Up45*1243
10/2MissouriLeans Dem»»»Toss Up47*1043
10/1HawaiiLeans Dem»»»Likely Dem48*943
9/28MichiganLeans Dem»»»Likely Dem48*943
9/28PennsylvaniaLikely Dem»»»Leans Dem48*943
9/26ArizonaLeans GOP»»»Toss Up48*943
9/20NevadaLeans GOP»»»Toss Up48*844
9/19WisconsinLeans GOP»»»Toss Up48*745
9/15OhioToss Up»»»Leans Dem48*646
9/9MichiganToss Up»»»Leans Dem47*746
8/27MichiganLeans Dem»»»Toss Up46*846
8/23FloridaToss Up»»»Leans Dem47*746
8/23MissouriToss Up»»»Leans Dem47*746
8/23NevadaToss Up»»»Leans GOP47*746
8/23OhioLeans Dem»»»Toss Up47*746
8/22ConnecticutLeans Dem»»»Toss Up46*945
8/22WisconsinToss Up»»»Leans GOP46*945
8/3IndianaLeans GOP»»»Toss Up47*944
6/8North DakotaLeans GOP»»»Toss Up47*845
5/24OhioToss Up»»»Leans Dem47*746
5/18MaineToss Up»»»Independent46*846
5/18NebraskaLeans GOP»»»Likely GOP46*846
5/18North DakotaLikely GOP»»»Leans GOP46*846
5/17IndianaLikely GOP»»»Leans GOP45*946
5/17OhioLeans Dem»»»Toss Up45*946
3/23MichiganToss Up»»»Leans Dem46*846
3/6MaineLeans Dem»»»Toss Up49*946
2/29MaineLeans GOP»»»Leans Dem46*846
2/29NebraskaLikely GOP»»»Leans GOP46*846
2/7NebraskaLeans GOP»»»Likely GOP45*847
2/4HawaiiLikely Dem»»»Leans Dem45*847
1/27CaliforniaLikely Dem»»»Safe Dem45*847
1/27MinnesotaLikely Dem»»»Safe Dem45*847
1/27TexasLikely GOP»»»Safe GOP45*847
10/12ConnecticutLikely Dem»»»Leans Dem45*847
10/12HawaiiSafe Dem»»»Likely Dem45*847
10/12PennsylvaniaLeans Dem»»»Likely Dem45*847
5/17ArizonaSafe GOP»»»Leans GOP45*847
5/17CaliforniaLeans Dem»»»Likely Dem45*847
5/17WisconsinLeans Dem»»»Toss Up45*847
5/10CaliforniaSafe Dem»»»Likely Dem46*747
5/10ConnecticutLeans Dem»»»Likely Dem46*747
5/10IndianaSafe GOP»»»Likely GOP46*747
5/10MassachusettsLeans GOP»»»Toss Up46*747
5/10MinnesotaSafe Dem»»»Likely Dem46*747
5/10New JerseySafe Dem»»»Likely Dem46*747
5/10North DakotaSafe GOP»»»Likely GOP46*747
5/10TexasSafe GOP»»»Likely GOP46*747
5/10WashingtonLeans Dem»»»Likely Dem46*747
5/10West VirginiaLeans Dem»»»Likely Dem46*747

* Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) & Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-VT) currently caucus with the Democrats and former Gov. Angus King is likely to caucus with the Democrats if he wins the open Maine seat in November.