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303 Obama/Biden
Romney/Ryan 235
303 Dem*235 GOP
270 Electoral Votes Needed To Win (Recent Race Changes)
Date State Previous Status New Status RCP Electoral Count RCP National Avg.
11/4VirginiaVAGOP»»»DemObama 201 - Romney 191Obama +0.5
10/31ColoradoCOGOP»»»DemObama 201 - Romney 191Romney +0
10/30ColoradoCODem»»»GOPObama 201 - Romney 191Romney +0.8
10/26ColoradoCOGOP»»»DemObama 201 - Romney 191Romney +0.9
10/22New HampshireNHGOP»»»DemObama 201 - Romney 206Romney +0.4
10/19New HampshireNHDem»»»GOPObama 201 - Romney 206Obama +0.1
10/19VirginiaVADem»»»GOPObama 201 - Romney 206Obama +0.1
10/9ColoradoCODem»»»GOPObama 251 - Romney 181Romney +0.7
10/5FloridaFLDem»»»GOPObama 251 - Romney 181Obama +2.6
10/3North CarolinaNCDem»»»GOPObama 269 - Romney 181Obama +3.1
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RCP Electoral Spread

State Obama Romney RCP Average RCP Status 2008 2004 2000
Connecticut (7)52.842.0Obama +10.8Likely DemObama +22.4Kerry +10.3Gore +17.5
New Jersey (14)52.340.5Obama +11.8Likely DemObama +15.6Kerry +6.7Gore +15.8
New Mexico (5)51.741.7Obama +10.0Likely DemObama +15.1Bush +0.7Gore +0.1
Minnesota (10)49.644.4Obama +5.2Leans DemObama +10.3Kerry +3.5Gore +2.4
Oregon (7)47.741.7Obama +6.0Leans DemObama +16.4Kerry +4.2Gore +0.5
Georgia (16)43.053.0Romney +10.0Likely GOPMcCain +5.2Bush +16.6Bush +11.7
Indiana (11)42.051.5Romney +9.5Likely GOPObama +1.1Bush +20.7Bush +15.7
Missouri (10)42.853.0Romney +10.2Likely GOPMcCain +0.1Bush +7.2Bush +3.3
Montana (3)43.752.7Romney +9.0Likely GOPMcCain +2.2Bush +20.5Bush +25.0
Arizona (11)45.052.5Romney +7.5Leans GOPMcCain +8.5Bush +10.5Bush +6.3
Colorado (9)48.847.3Obama +1.5Toss UpObama +9.0Bush +4.7Bush +8.4
Florida (29)48.249.7Romney +1.5Toss UpObama +2.8Bush +5.0Bush +0.1
Iowa (6)48.746.3Obama +2.4Toss UpObama +9.5Bush +0.7Gore +0.3
Michigan (16)49.545.5Obama +4.0Toss UpObama +16.4Kerry +3.4Gore +5.2
Nevada (6)50.247.4Obama +2.8Toss UpObama +12.5Bush +2.6Bush +3.5
New Hampshire (4)49.947.9Obama +2.0Toss UpObama +9.6Kerry +1.3Bush +1.3
North Carolina (15)46.249.2Romney +3.0Toss UpObama +0.3Bush +12.4Bush +12.8
Ohio (18)50.047.1Obama +2.9Toss UpObama +4.6Bush +2.1Bush +3.5
Pennsylvania (20)49.445.6Obama +3.8Toss UpObama +10.3Kerry +2.5Gore +4.2
Virginia (13)48.047.7Obama +0.3Toss UpObama +6.3Bush +8.2Bush +8.1
Wisconsin (10)50.446.2Obama +4.2Toss UpObama +13.9Kerry +0.4Gore +0.2
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