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Ohio 7th District - Gibbs vs. Healy-Abrams


Bob Gibbs

Bob Gibbs (R)*

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Joyce Healy-Abrams

Joyce Healy-Abrams (D)

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Ohio Snapshot

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Polling Data

PollDateSampleGibbs (R)Healy-Abrams (D)Spread
Final Results----56.443.6Gibbs +12.8

Race Analysis

This west-central Ohio district was a late addition to the watch list in 2010.  Zack Space won here in 2006 after the GOP incumbent, Bob Ney, came under indictment and his hand-picked successor crumbled under the weight of a bankruptcy scandal.  Space won handily in 2008, but after supporting most of the big-ticket items on the Democrats' agenda in 2009, he was handily defeated by a relatively obscure challenger in 2010, Bob Gibbs.

The district has been completely redrawn, adding in some urban and suburban areas and becoming a touch more Democratic. But Democrats had to settle for businesswoman Joyce Healy-Abrams as their nominee.  Healy-Abrams looked promising at first, but her candidacy has failed to catch fire; this race is falling off the "competitive" list.