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Vermont Senate - Britton vs. Leahy


Len Britton

Len Britton (R)

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Patrick Leahy

Patrick Leahy (D)*

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Vermont Senate

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Polling Data

PollDateSampleBritton (R)Leahy (D)Spread
Final Results----30.964.4Leahy +33.5
VPR/Mason-Dixon10/11 - 10/13625 LV2762Leahy +35
Rasmussen Reports9/13 - 9/13500 LV3262Leahy +30
Rasmussen Reports6/17 - 6/17500 LV2964Leahy +35

Race Analysis

Vermont is presently one of the most Democratic states in the country. In 2008, it gave Barack Obama 68 percent of the vote, his highest share of the vote outside of the District of Columbia and his native Hawaii. But it was not always this way. Prior to 1992, the state had only voted for the Democratic candidate for president once (1964) since the founding of the Republican Party. And it has still technically only sent a single Democrat to the Senate in its history.

That Democrat, Pat Leahy, was elected in what was considered a fluke election in 1974, and then re-elected by a narrow margin in 1980. But as Vermont has continued to drift leftward, Leahy's margins have steadily increased. It would take an upset of epic proportions for him to lose to lumber store owner Len Britton this year.