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South Carolina Senate - DeMint vs. Greene


Jim DeMint

Jim DeMint (R)*

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Alvin Greene

Alvin Greene (D)

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South Carolina Snapshot

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2010 State Races: Governor | SC-5

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2006: Governor
2004: President | Senate

Polling Data

PollDateSampleDeMint (R)Greene (D)Spread
Final Results----62.428.2DeMint +34.2
Rasmussen Reports10/19 - 10/19500 LV5821DeMint +37
Winthrop10/5 - 10/10741 LV5811DeMint +47
Rasmussen Reports9/22 - 9/22500 LV6421DeMint +43
Rasmussen Reports8/25 - 8/25500 LV6319DeMint +44
Rasmussen Reports7/29 - 7/29500 LV6220DeMint +42
Rasmussen Reports6/10 - 6/10500 LV5821DeMint +37

Race Analysis

This may be the most famous safe Senate race in the country. Democrats never really had much of a shot at knocking off Senator Jim DeMint, a firebrand conservative who won the seat when Democrat Fritz Hollings retired in 2004. But they believed that Charleston City Councilman Vic Rawl could at least force him to spend time and money on the race.

But Rawl overlooked the primary race, which was won by Alvin Greene. Greene is an unemployed military veteran who spent no money on the race, yet defeated Rawl with 59 percent of the vote. Theories about what happened abound, but the most persuasive is probably that African American voters intuited that Greene was also African American, and voted accordingly. Greene is nothing if not entertaining, but he realistically has no shot of winning this race.