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New York Senate - Democratic Primary

Polling Data

PollDateSampleMaloney Gillibrand Spread
RCP Average6/18 - 7/14--29.329.0Maloney +0.3
Rasmussen Reports7/14 - 7/14373 LV3327Maloney +6
Marist6/23 - 6/25441 RV2837Gillibrand +9
Quinnipiac6/18 - 6/212477 RV2723Maloney +4

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Recent Commentary & News Stories

See All New York Senate - Democratic Primary Commentary & News Stories

Polling Data

PollDateSampleMaloney Gillibrand Spread
RCP Average6/18 - 7/14--29.329.0Maloney +0.3
Rasmussen Reports7/14 - 7/14373 LV3327Maloney +6
Marist6/23 - 6/25441 RV2837Gillibrand +9
Quinnipiac6/18 - 6/212477 RV2723Maloney +4
Marist4/28 - 4/29454 RV3136Gillibrand +5

All Commentary & News Stories

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- Battered Obama Still Thinks He Knows Best - Michael Goodwin, NY Post

- What the Next Speaker Must Do - John Boehner, Wall Street Journal

- Is the Obama Coalition Dead? - Errol Louis, New York Daily News

- This Time, Triangulation is Not an Option - Dick Morris, New York Post

- A Return to the Norm - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post

- After the Bruising: Where Obama Goes From Here - Joe Klein, Time

- Time for Obama to Change - Or Be a One Termer - A.B. Stoddard, The Hill

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- Mr. Obama, Time for Some Poetry - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times

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- Cheer Up, Democrats - Jonathan Chait, The New Republic

- Voters Were Clear: They Oppose Obama's Policies - Nina Easton, Fortune

- After Shellacking, Time for Obama to Adjust - USA Today

- Sorry, Barney Frank, You Can't Be Trusted - Margery Eagan, Boston Herald

- The Road Ahead Turns Right - David Herzenshorn, New York Times

- Time for Republicans to Deliver - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal

- Dems Have Done Good for the Country - Froma Harrop, Providence Journal

- An Exclamation Point on Anger Toward D.C. - Nolan Finley, Detroit News

- Obama Sad, But Not Sorry - Dana Milbank, Washington Post

- Tea-Party Activists Prepare to Turn Aims Into Policies - Wall St. Journal

- Fear-Mongering Delivers Big Victory for GOP - Mary Mitchell, Chicago ST

- Election Wasn't Mandate From Voters to Stop Progress - New York Times

- A Look At Who's Set To Lead Committees in the New House - Wash Post

- It's the Ideology, Stupid - William Galston, The New Republic

- It's Not 1994 Again - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times

- California Republicans Seek Top Posts in GOP-Led House - LA Times

- An Anti-Democratic Year - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics

- Dems Obliterated in the Heartland - Ronald Brownstein, National Journal

- A Recoil Against Liberalism - George Will, Washington Post

- Obama Pledges Openness After 'Shellacking' - Washington Post

- Dems Find Common Ground: It's White House's Fault - Ben Smith, Politico

- GOP Listening to Voters With One Ear - Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe

- For Obama, the Tide Turns Starkly - Peter Baker, New York Times

- The Unhappy Electorate - Los Angeles Times

- The Electorate Demands a New Start - Karen Tumulty, Washington Post

- Why Midwest Swing States Flipped to the GOP - Doug Schwartz, CBS News

- Washington the Biggest Loser - Ron Fournier, National Journal

- Message to Obama: This is Not the Way Forward - New York Daily News

- President Now Faces a Fight - Michael Tomasky, The Guardian

- Massive Swing by Independent Voters - Gerald Seib, Wall Street Journal

- The Rebuke: You Saw This Tsunami Coming - Chicago Tribune

- Dems Over-Interpreted Our Mandate - Sen. Evan Bayh, New York Times

- It's Time for Washington to Listen Up - David Harsanyi, Denver Post

- Republican Party Time: Man Up Mr. Speaker! - Maureen Dowd, NY Times

- GOP Beat Dems by Focusing on Economic Issues - David Boaz, Politico

- The Pendulum Will Swing Back - Paul Waldman, American Prospect

- The Ephemeral Nature of Political Power - Philip Klein, American Spectator

- Sweeping Uprising is a Shining Moment - Michael Goodwin, New York Post

- How Confrontational Should Obama Be? - David Corn, Mother Jones

- GOP Must Not Make Same Mistake as Obama, Pelosi - San Diego Union-Trib

- Midterms May Have Saved a Superpower - Nile Gardiner, Daily Telegraph

- Democrats' Disconnect With Middle Class - Joel Kotkin, Forbes

- Election 2010: A Dramatic Political Reversal - Susan Page, USA Today

- A Setback, Not Defeat for Progressives - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post

- The Democratic Debacle And What It Means - Walter Shapiro, Politics Daily

- Exit Polls: Unprecedented White Flight from Dems - David Paul Kuhn, RCP

- Obama & Dems Can Reclaim the Center - Paul Begala, Huffington Post

- Wealthy Candidates Reap Poor Returns on Election Night - Bloomberg

- Less Government, More Freedom - Sen. Jim DeMint, Wall Street Journal

- Obama Thumped, but Policies Were Right - Ruth Marcus, Washington Post

- A No-Confidence Vote for Obama - Richard Cohen, Washington Post

- Obama Isolated, Insulated From Reality - Kirsten Powers, New York Post

- Democratic Coalition Cracks - Wallsten & Yadron, Wall Street Journal

- President Obama Must Walk the Walk on Change - Mark Halperin, Time

- Republicans Remarkably Sober at Win - John Podhoretz, New York Post

- Biggest GOP Gains In Statehouses - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics

- Voters Repudiate Pelosi Dems, Obama Agenda - Wall Street Journal

- Country Needs a Hot Shower After This Election - Harris & Martin, Politico

- We Are in Uncharted Territory This Year - Jay Cost, Weekly Standard

- Lesson of 2010: Politics Is a Long War - David Corn, Politics Daily

- GOP Rides the Indie Wave, But for How Long? - Michael Duffy, Time

- Marco Rubio and the Conservative Message - Matt Lewis, Politics Daily

- What a Difference 2 Years Can Make - Tasha Kheiriddin, National Post

- Did Stimulus & Health Care Bill Doom Dems? - Reid Wilson, Hotline On Call

- Democratic Party Faces a Reckoning - Robert Tracinski, Intellectual Activist

- America's Anger at Democrats is Misplaced - Michael Cohen, AOL News

- The Top Races to Watch - Patrick O'Connor, Wall Street Journal

- Harry Reid Limps Home - Las Vegas Review-Journal

- No Excuse for Staying Home on Election Day - New York Times

- A Little Lady Predicts a Big Win - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal

- Election May Shake Up Political Order Across U.S. - Calvin Woodward, AP

- Why Is Obama So Calm Right Now? - Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic

- Honor Sacrifices of WWII Vets & Go Vote - Ron Grossman, Chicago Tribune

- Perriello Stands Up for Progressive Record - Tim Fernholz, Am. Prospect

- A Sea-Change Election? - Boston Herald

- Why America Should Vote for Democrats - Steny Hoyer, USA Today

- We Must Build on Politics of Change - Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation

- Record Number of Early Ballots Cast - Washington Post

- Voters Aren't Stupid, They're Angry w/Obama - Toby Harnden, Telegraph

- GOP Win Would Mean Grim Outlook - Don Monkerud, CS Monitor

- Leadership Free-For-All To Come in Midterm Aftermath - The Hill

- A Referendum on Obama as Liberal Progressive - Henry Olsen, NRO

- Demography Isn't Political Destiny - Jonah Goldberg, Los Angeles Times

- Illinois GOP Back in the Fight - Mark Brown, Chicago Sun-Times

- Midterms Promise Historic Shift For Third Consecutive Cycle - CQ Politics

- Democrats Bracing for Losses - Dan Balz, Washington Post

- U.S. is Not Greatest Country Ever - Michael Kinsley, Politico

- Rebel Movement Takes Center Stage - Blackmon, Levitz, Berzon, Etter, WSJ

- Voters Aren't Buying What Obama is Selling - David Keene, The Hill

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