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Wisconsin Republican Primary

Tuesday, February 19 | Delegates at Stake: 40

Polling Data
ARG*02/17 - 02/18600 LV51433McCain +8.0
PPP*02/16 - 02/17654 LV50396McCain +11.0
ARG*02/15 - 02/16600 LV46424McCain +4.0
Research 200002/13 - 02/14400 LV48327McCain +16.0
Strategic Vision (R)02/08 - 02/10LV45277McCain +18.0
Strategic Vision (R)12/07 - 12/09400 LV10205Huckabee +10.0
U. of WI11/27 - 12/05174 A1584McCain +7.0
WPR10/30 - 11/08Adults13116McCain +2.0
Strategic Vision (R)09/14 - 09/16600 LV833McCain +5.0
Strategic Vision (R)07/13 - 07/15LV1123McCain +8.0
Strategic Vision (R)05/04 - 05/06800 LV1523McCain +12.0
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