Final Polls & Results
Iowa: GOP | Dems
New Hampshire: GOP | Dems
Michigan: GOP | Dems
Nevada: GOP | Dems
South Carolina: GOP | Dems
Florida: GOP | Dems
Super Tuesday: GOP | Dems
Virginia: GOP | Dems
Maryland: GOP | Dems
Wisconsin: GOP | Dems
Ohio: GOP | Dems
Texas: GOP | Dems
Pennsylvania: Dems
North Carolina: Dems
Indiana: Dems
West Virginia: Dems
Oregon: Dems
Kentucky: Dems

Kansas: McCain vs. Clinton

Polling Data

PollDateSampleMcCain (R)Clinton (D)Spread
Rasmussen05/13 - 05/13500 LV5339McCain +14.0
SurveyUSA04/11 - 04/13516 RV5736McCain +21.0
SurveyUSA02/26 - 02/28600 RV5142McCain +9.0
SurveyUSA02/15 - 02/17514 RV5935McCain +24.0
SurveyUSA12/13 - 12/15529 RV5835McCain +23.0
SurveyUSA11/09 - 11/11542 RV5538McCain +17.0
SurveyUSA10/12 - 10/14519 RV6034McCain +26.0

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