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Virginia 6th District


Bob Goodlatte*

Bob Goodlatte* (R)*

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Sam Rasoul

Sam Rasoul (D)

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Polling Data

PollDateSampleGoodlatte (R)Rasoul (D)Spread
SurveyUSA8/11 - 8/13529 LV5930Goodlatte +29

Race Summary

Rep. Bob Goodlatte, running for 9th term in office, has not been challenged by a Democrat since 1998. He's favored to win this Valley district, which gave both Bush (in 2004) and George Allen (in 2006) their highest percentages of any district.

Previous Election Results

2006: Goodlatte 75, Pryor 12
2004: Goodlatte unopposed

2004: Bush 63, Kerry 36
2000: Bush 60, Gore 37