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Virginia 2nd District


Thelma Drake*

Thelma Drake* (R)*

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Glenn Nye

Glenn Nye (D)

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Race Summary

Rep. Drake, running for her third term, won by just 3 points in 2006. This Norfolk-based, Navy port district gave Pres. Bush double-digit margins in the last two elections, but it's one-fifth black and Obama could win it this year. Also with a chance is Drake's opponent, Glenn Nye, a former foreign service officer. While Drake was a civilian, voters in this district have respect for and know a little bit about foreign service. 

Previous Election Results

2006: Drake (R) 51, Kellam (D) 48
2004: Drake (R) 55, Ashe (D) 45

2004: Bush (R) 58, Kerry (D) 42
2000: Bush (R) 55, Gore (D) 43