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Ohio 15th District

Open Seat (R)


Mary Jo Kilroy

Mary Jo Kilroy (D)

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Steve Stivers

Steve Stivers (R)

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Ohio Snapshot

RCP House Ranking: Leans Dem

Presidential Race: Obama (D) vs. McCain (R)
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2004 President: Kerry (D) vs. Bush (R)

Polling Data

PollDateSampleKilroy (D)Stivers (R)Spread
SurveyUSA10/25 - 10/26632 LV4741Kilroy +6
SurveyUSA8/2 - 8/4567 LV4744Kilroy +3

Race Summary

In 2006, Mary Jo Kilroy came within some 1,000 votes of defeating Rep. Deborah Pryce (R), who decided to not run for a ninth term this year. With Pryce’s retirement and more than $1 million in the bank, Kilroy finds herself in good position against state Sen. Steve Stivers, though national Republicans boast of Stivers' skills as a candidate.

Previous Election Results

2006: Pryce (R) 50, Kilroy (D) 50
2004: Pryce (R) 60, Brown (D) 40
2002: Pryce (R) 67, Brown (D) 33

2004: Bush (R) 50, Kerry (D) 50
2000: Bush (R) 52, Gore (D) 44

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