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New Jersey 3rd District

Open Seat (R)


John Adler

John Adler (D)

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Chris Myers

Chris Myers (R)

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New Jersey Snapshot

RCP House Ranking: Toss Up

Senate Race: Lautenberg (D) vs. Zimmer (R)*
Presidential Race: Obama (D) vs. McCain (R)
Competitive House Races: NJ-3 | NJ-7

Key 2006 State Races:

2004 President: Kerry (D) vs. Bush (R)

Polling Data

PollDateSampleAdler (D)Myers (R)Spread
Monmouth/Gannett9/30 - 10/2430 LV4144Myers +3
Richard Stockton College9/18 - 9/20400 LV3739Myers +2

Race Summary

President Bush won this Southern New Jersey district by just 2 points in 2004. With fourteen-term Rep. Jim Saxton retiring and state Sen. John Adler (D) with a 10-to-1 fundraising advantage over Medford Township councilman Chris Myers (R) -- who was forced to spend much of his campaign warchest in the primary -- Democrats are poised to pick this increasingly favorable district up in November.

Previous Election Results

2006: Saxton (R) 58, Sexton (D) 41
2004: Saxton (R) 63, Conaway (D) 35
2002: Saxton (R) 65, Strada (D) 34

2004: Bush (R) 51, Kerry (D) 49
2000: Gore (D) 54, Bush (R) 43

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