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Mississippi 1st District


Travis Childers*

Travis Childers* (D)*

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Greg Davis

Greg Davis (R)

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Mississippi Snapshot

RCP House Ranking: Leans Dem

Presidential Race: Obama (D) vs. McCain (R)
Senate Race: Musgrove (D) vs. Wicker (R)*
Competitive House Races: MS-01

Race Summary

It was Childers' win in a special election in June that panicked Republicans. In November, Childers will face Southaven Mayor Greg Davis (R), the same opponent he beat earlier this year. McCain and Senator Roger Wicker will win the Tupelo-based district, forcing Davis to try to tie Childers to national, and much more liberal, Democrats. That avenue of attack is successful at times, but it didn't work against Childers this Spring.

Previous Election Results

2008*: Childers (D) 54, Davis (R) 46
2006: Wicker (R) 66, Hurt (D) 34
2004: Wicker (R) 79, Washer (Reform) 21
2002: Wicker (R) 71, Weathers (D) 24

2004: Bush (R) 62, Kerry (D) 37
2000: Bush (R) 59, Gore (D) 40

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