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Minnesota 6th District


Michele Bachmann*

Michele Bachmann* (R)*

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Elwyn Tinklenberg

Elwyn Tinklenberg (D)

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Minnesota Snapshot

RCP House Ranking: Toss Up

Senate Race: Franken (D) vs. Coleman (R)*
Presidential Race: Obama (D) vs. McCain (R)
Competitive House Races: MN-3 | MN-6

Key 2006 State Races: Sen | Gov | MN-1 | MN-6

2004 President: Kerry (D) vs. Bush (R)

Polling Data

PollDateSampleBachmann (R)Tinklenberg (D)Spread
SurveyUSA10/29 - 10/30625 LV4645Bachmann +1
Minn. Pub. Radio10/21 - 10/23430 LV4345Tinklenberg +2
SurveyUSA10/21 - 10/22621 LV4447Tinklenberg +3

Previous Election Results

2006: Bachmann (R) 50, Wetterling (D) 42
2004: Kennedy (R) 54, Wetterling (D) 46
2002: Kennedy (R) 57, Robert (D) 35

2004: Bush (R) 57, Kerry (D) 42
2000: Bush (R) 52, Gore (D) 42

Race Summary

Despite a competitive race in 2006, Michele Bachmann came out with an 8-point win, leading many to consider her a relatively-safe freshman incumbent. Her opponent this year is former state Transportation Commissioner Elwyn Tinklenberg, who lost the DFL endorsement to run for this seat two years ago.

However, the race changed after Bachmann appeared Oct. 17 on MSNBC's "Hardball" program and said she was "very concerned [Barack Obama] may have anti-American views." That comment -- among others -- sparked a fundraising frenzy for the Tinklenberg campaign, who brought in more than $800,000 over the next three days from donors across the country.

Before coming to Congress, Bachmann was known as a fiscal and cultural conservative in the state Senate, and led the charge for a state constitutional amendment to ban abortions. Many who know of Bachmann only from her Hardball comments would likely not believe she is a former Democrat who met her husband while working on Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign.

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