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Louisiana 6th District


Bill Cassidy

Bill Cassidy (R)

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Don Cazayoux*

Don Cazayoux* (D)*

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Louisiana Snapshot

RCP House Ranking: Leans Dem

Presidential Race: Obama (D) vs. McCain (R)
Senate Race: Landrieu (D)* vs. Kennedy (R)
House Races: LA-4 | LA-6

2004 Senate: Kennedy (D) vs. Vitter (R)

Race Summary

One of the harbingers of what could be a mounting Democratic wave could also be one of the shortest-term members of Congress. Rep. Don Cazayoux beat a weak Republican in June, but in November he will face much stronger State Senator Bill Cassidy (R) as well as independent State Rep. Michael Jackson. Jackson, who is African American, will eat significantly into Cazayoux's Democratic base.

Previous Election Results

2008*: Cazayoux (D) 49, Jenkins (R) 46
2006: Baker (R) 83, Fontanesi (Libertarian) 17
2004: Baker (R) 72, Craig (D) 19
2002: Baker (R) 84, Moscatello (I) 16

2004: Bush (R) 59, Kerry (D) 40
2000: Bush (R) 55, Gore (D) 43