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Kentucky 2nd District

Open Seat (R)


David Boswell

David Boswell (D)

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Brett Guthrie

Brett Guthrie (R)

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Polling Data

PollDateSampleBoswell (D)Guthrie (R)Spread
SurveyUSA10/27 - 10/28587 LV4353Guthrie +10
SurveyUSA9/24 - 9/25592 LV4349Guthrie +6
SurveyUSA6/27 - 6/29545 LV4744Boswell +3

Previous Election Results

2006: Lewis (R) 55, Weaver (D) 45
2004: Lewis (R) 68, Smith (D) 32
2002: Lewis (R) 70, Williams (D) 29

2004: Bush (R) 65, Kerry (D) 34
2000: Bush (R) 62, Gore (D) 37

Race Summary

The special election of Ron Lewis in May 1994 meant more than just a Republican winning this seat for the first time in some 40 years. It also was a precursor to the Republican takeover of Congress that would occur 6 months later.

With Lewis retiring, both parties are pouring resources into this race, as the Democrats are trying hard to win back this seat after more than 14 years of Republican control.

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