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Arizona 3rd District


Bob Lord

Bob Lord (D)

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John Shadegg*

John Shadegg* (R)*

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Arizona Snapshot

RCP House Ranking: Leans GOP

Presidential Race: Obama (D) vs. McCain (R)
Competitive House Races:
AZ-1 | AZ-3

Key 2006 State Races:
Senator | AZ-1 | AZ-5 | AZ-8

Polling Data

PollDateSampleLord (D)Shadegg (R)Spread
Research 200010/20 - 10/22LV4050Shadegg +10
Research 200010/6 - 10/8LV3948Shadegg +9

Race Summary

Rep. Shadegg hasn't been challenged much since coming to Congress in 1994. But his lowest winning percentage came in 2006, and the DCCC is now spending money here -- a clear sign it thinks it has a chance. Still, this northern-Phoenix district has a Republican lean and John McCain is at the top of the ticket, giving Shadegg the edge.

Previous Election Results

2006: Shadegg (R) 59, Paine (D) 38
2004: Shadegg (R) 80, Yannone (Lib) 20
2002: Shadegg (R) 67, Hill (D) 30

2004: Bush (R) 58, Kerry (D) 41
2000: Bush (R) 54, Gore (D) 43

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