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Vermont Governor


Anthony Pollina (P)

Anthony Pollina (P)

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Jim Douglas*

Jim Douglas* (R)*

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Gaye Symington

Gaye Symington (D)

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Polling Data

PollDateSamplePollina (P) Douglas (R)Symington (D)Spread
Research 200010/24 - 10/26400 LV234724Douglas +23

Race Summary

Jim Douglas is running for his fourth two-year term as governor. Vermont is one of two states, along with New Hampshire, whose governors serve two-year terms. Douglas succeeded Howard Dean, the current DNC chairman, who served five full terms as governor.

Vermont is pretty unpredictable. In 2004, Douglas, a Republican, matched the vote total of John Kerry, a Democrat running for president -- with both receiving 59% of the vote. Though Vermont has voted Democratic in the last four presidential elections, it voted Republican in 15 of the 16 previous elections, with the lone exception coming in the 1964 landslide.

Democrats had trouble fielding a candidate after former Amb. Peter Gailbraith decided not to run. Many Democrats chose to back Progressive candidate Anthony Pollina over the lone Democrat running, Gaye Symington.


Population (2007 est.): 621,254 
Registered Voters: No party registration
Occupation: Blue Collar 23.3% | White Collar 60.8% | Gray Collar 15.9%
Race: White 96.2% | Two+ races 1.1% | Hispanic 0.9% | Asian 0.8%

Previous Election Results

2006: Douglas 56, Parker 41
2004: Douglas 59, Clavelle 38

2004: Kerry 59, Bush 39
2000: Gore 51, Bush 41
1996: Clinton 53, Dole 31