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Missouri Senate Race


Jim Talent (R)*
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Claire McCaskill (D)
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RealClearPolitics Snapshot
RCP Average: McCaskill + 2.5% | RCP Chart
RCP Ranking: Toss Up

Polling Data
PollDateSampleTalent (R)*McCaskill (D)Und.Spread
RCP Average11/01 - 11/06-45.848.34.3McCaskill +2.5
SurveyUSA11/04 - 11/06793 LV44503McCaskill +6.0
Rasmussen11/05 - 11/05500 LV49483Talent +1.0
USA Today/Gallup11/01 - 11/04917 LV45494McCaskill +4.0
Mason-Dixon11/01 - 11/03625 LV45467McCaskill +1.0
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RealClearPolitics Analysis
(November 2) This race has been back and forth the entire campaign. The most recent polls show a slight edge for McCaskill and she has moved back out in front in the latest RCP Poll Average by 1.4%, but this race is still a complete toss up. An argument to give McCaskill the edge is the fact that Talent’s opponents the last two times he has run statewide garnered 49% in 2000 and 2002, and in a Democratic year like 2006 one would think McCaskill is poised to better that 49% mark. On Talent’s side is the recent movement in the stem cell amendment fight where the anti-amendment forces appear to have the momentum. In a midterm election where substantially fewer moderate and suburban voters may turn out than in a Presidential year, does that provide the catalyst to get Talent over the top?
(October 19) Today’s Zogby/WSJ online poll gives Talent a three point lead. The InTrade market as of Thursday morning now gives Talent a slight lead at 51.0 bid compared to McCaskill’s 45.5 bid.

(October 13) The SurveyUSA poll giving McCaskill a 9-point lead is the clear outlier in the five polls in the current RCP Average which pegs McCaskill’s lead at 1.4%. We have said for some time that this race is really the bellwether for how the Senate ends up breaking, a GOP hold here and Republicans probably escape a disaster election night. A win for the Dems puts them right in the mix of what they need for control, with New Jersey and Tennessee likely becoming the tie breakers.

Talent has the GOP’s 72-hour program in his back pocket that Republicans hope is worth perhaps as much as 2-3% on election day, however the Final RCP Average in his race against Jean Carnahan in 2002 had Talent up 5.3%, he ended up wining by one point.
The last InTrade trades have McCaskill at 52.0 - Talent at 50.0, pretty dead on inline with the RCP Average and further confirmation that this race is a pure coin flip today.
(September 25) This is in many ways the bellwether race in the Battle for the Senate. First, from a pure numbers standpoint of the Democrats needing six seats to flip control, a loss here in Missouri basically puts that out of the realm of possibility. And second, the way this race tips the next six weeks will be a good indication of where the entire election is heading.

This is a contest the Republicans should win. Senator Talent is an attractive young star in the GOP Senate caucus who lost a tough race for Governor in 2000 by 20,000 votes. He then came back and won by 20,000 votes two years later over Mel Carnahan's wife Jean Carnahan, who had assumed the seat under unusual circumstances following her husband's death (before the 2000 election) and win over John Ashcroft.
State Auditor Claire McCaskill lost a close governor's race two years ago to Gov. Matt Blunt 51% - 48% and thus starts out of the gate with a high level of name recognition and a solid base of support. However, McCaskill lost 90 out of 97 counties statewide and has a problem of being perceived as too liberal outside of metro St. Louis and Kansas City. Missouri is a relatively, culturally conservative state that President Bush won by 3% in 2000 and 7% in 2004 and running the standard Republican playbook hitting McCaskill as too liberal on judges, the war, and taxes should be enough for Talent to carry the day.
If not, it would be a sign that Republicans are going to be in for an awfully long election night. The fact that this race is a toss up speaks to the difficulties Republicans are facing this midterm.
Previous Election Results

2002: Talent 50, Jean Carnahan 49
2000: Mel Carnahan 51, Ashcroft 48

2004: Bush 53, Kerry 46
2000: Bush 50, Gore 47
1996: Clinton 47, Dole 41

Occupation: Blue Collar 26.0% | White Collar 58.3% | Gray Collar 15.7%
Race: White 83.8% | Black 11.2% | Hispanic 2.1% | Asian 1.1%
Military Veterans: 592, 271 13.2%

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Polling Data
PollDateSampleTalent (R)*McCaskill (D)Und.Spread
RCP Average11/01 - 11/06-45.848.34.3McCaskill +2.5
SurveyUSA11/04 - 11/06793 LV44503McCaskill +6.0
Rasmussen11/05 - 11/05500 LV49483Talent +1.0
SurveyUSA11/03 - 11/05658 LV42513McCaskill +9.0
USA Today/Gallup11/01 - 11/04917 LV45494McCaskill +4.0
Mason-Dixon11/01 - 11/03625 LV45467McCaskill +1.0
Rasmussen11/02 - 11/02500 LV48491McCaskill +1.0
Reuters/Zogby10/24 - 10/31600 LV43464McCaskill +3.0
Rasmussen10/30 - 10/30500 LV47483McCaskill +1.0
SurveyUSA10/28 - 10/30525 LV46494McCaskill +3.0
CNN10/26 - 10/29565 LV49491Tie
Zogby Interactive*10/23 - 10/27LV4947--Talent +2.0
Research 200010/23 - 10/26800 LV47474Tie
Rasmussen10/25 - 10/25500 LV50482Talent +2.0
SurveyUSA10/21 - 10/23630 LV48455Talent +3.0
LA Times/Bloomberg10/20 - 10/23593 LV48454Talent +3.0
Mason-Dixon10/17 - 10/19625 LV43469McCaskill +3.0
Zogby Interactive *10/10 - 10/161005 LV5047--Talent +3.0
Rasmussen10/12 - 10/12500 LV45448Talent +1.0
SurveyUSA10/09 - 10/11497 LV42514McCaskill +9.0
Bennett, Petts (D)10/09 - 10/11800 RV43488McCaskill +5.0
Rasmussen10/03 - 10/03500 LV46476McCaskill +1.0
Reuters/Zogby09/25 - 10/02601 LV433911Talent +4.0
USA Today/Gallup09/27 - 10/01577 LV45486McCaskill +3.0
Mason-Dixon09/24 - 09/27625 LV434313Tie
Zogby Interactive*09/19 - 09/251015 LV48478Talent +1.0
SurveyUSA09/11 - 09/13468 LV47484McCaskill +1.0
Rasmussen09/12 - 09/12500 LV424510McCaskill +3.0
Zogby Interactive*08/29 - 09/05n/a49456Talent +4.0
Research 200008/28 - 08/31800 LV46475McCaskill +1.0
USA Today/Gallup08/23 - 08/27574 LV50445Talent +6.0
Zogby Interactive*08/15 - 08/21831 LV50455Talent +5.0
Rasmussen08/15 - 08/15500 LV46447Talent +2.0
SurveyUSA08/12 - 08/14464 LV46475McCaskill +1.0
Rasmussen07/20 - 07/20500 LV42459McCaskill +3.0
Zogby Interactive*07/11 - 07/1949453Talent +4.0
Rasmussen06/27 - 06/27500 LV424212Tie
Research 200006/19 - 06/22800 LV43498McCaskill +6.0
Rasmussen05/08 - 05/08500 LV434011Talent +3.0
Rasmussen04/04 - 04/04500 LV414213McCaskill +1.0
Rasmussen03/06 - 03/06500 LV404311McCaskill +3.0
Rasmussen02/08 - 02/08500 LV46417Talent +5.0
Research 200001/16 - 01/18800 LV44479McCaskill +3.0
Rasmussen01/02 - 01/02500 LV43467McCaskill +3.0
Rasmussen11/09 - 11/09500 LV45476McCaskill +2.0
Rasmussen09/01 - 09/01500 LV4646N/ATie
Harstad Strategic Res. (D)04/11 - 04/14602 LV434312Tie
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