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This Old Wasteful House - New York Times
MN Nuclear Energy Ban May Be Lifted - Northland Newscenter
Is Biomass a Feasible Energy Source? - E Magazine
Schools Eye Stimulus $ for Energy Efficiency - Associated Press
Bad Policy is Fueling the Energy Crisis - Newt Gingrich, Newsweek
Dems Introduce Energy And Climate Bill - Clean Tech Brief
Energy Transfer Prices $1 Billion in Notes - Associated Press
Recession May Delay US Bill on Emissions Limits - Reuters
Oil Prices Weaken on Jobless Data - Wall Street Journal
Dems Release Draft Energy, Climate Bill - New York Times
Climate Bill Leaves Lots to be Resolved - Houston Chronicle
Oil Drops as US Inventories Climb - Associated Press
New Clean Energy Investment Halved - Reuters
Interview with Minority Leader John Boehner - The NewsHour
New Climate Bill: Green Crowd Goes Wild - Jonathan Stein, Mother Jones
Obama\'s Press Conference with PM Gordon Brown - The White House
Economic Prosperity Hurts Environment - David Owen, The New Yorker
Obama's Remarks at an Electric Vehicle Test Center - Barack Obama
Obama Puts Politics Above Science on Nuclear Issue - USA Today
OPEC Bows to Weak Economy - Reuters
Obama Has a Multi-Front Mandate - Eugene Robinson, Indianapolis Star
Nixing Nuclear Power? - Josh Gilder, New York Post
Interview with Bill Clinton - Larry King Live
Democrats Stung By Dissenters - Shailagh Murray, Washington Post
If Nuclear Waste Won't Go to Nevada, Where Then? - Washington Post
Is Obama Trying to Do Too Much? - David Shribman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Investments in Clean Energy Worth the Cost - Steven Chu, USA Today
Conservatives Energized by 'Ideas' at CPAC - Salena Zito, Pittsburgh TR
Interview with Budget Director Peter Orszag - The NewsHour
President Obama's Address to Congress - Barack Obama
Scoring the Stimulus - Joshua Zumbrun, Forbes
Guests: Sens. Kerry and Hutchison - Meet the Press
Building a Green Recovery - Robert Pollin, The Nation
Obama & Biden Announce Middle Class Task Force - Barack Obama
The Goracle Looks Into the Future - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
New Day on Climate Change - New York Times
Drill Like Brazil - Investor's Business Daily
Hiking Fuel Rules Won't Get America Working - Detroit News
Geography Divides Democrats Over Energy - New York Times
Jobs, Energy Independence, and Climate Change - Barack Obama
Analysts on Obama's Revised Fuel Standards - The NewsHour
Guests: Leader John Boehner, Lawrence Summers - Meet the Press
Panel on Geithner and Lobbyists - Special Report w/Bret Baier
President Obama's Inaugural Address - Barack Obama
Hillary Shows Her Inner Feminist - Rebecca Traister, Salon
How Obama Can Score in the First 100 Days - Jonathan Alter, Newsweek
Obama to Tap Grassroots Networks for Support - Wall Street Journal
Debate Over; It's Freezing - David Harsanyi, Denver Post
Nuclear Opportunity Before the New President - Hugh Hewitt, Townhall Blog
America as an Honest Broker - Will Marshall & Jim Arkedis, RealClearPolitics
Guests: Rep. Waters, Mayor Fenty, Bill Cosby - Meet the Press
Obama Announces Intelligence Team, Takes Questions - Barack Obama
Interview with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi - The NewsHour
Russia's Wake-Up Call for Europe - Rocky Mountain News
Analysts Discuss the National Debt - The NewsHour
Russia Uses Energy as a Weapon, Again - Reuben Johnson, Weekly Standard
Invest in Clean Energy - Ted Turner, Chicago Tribune
Big Brother/Backseat Driver - Debra Saunders, RealClearPolitics
Roundtable on Raising the Gas Tax - Special Report w/Brit Hume
Gaza Assault Offers Best Hope of Peace - Con Coughlin, The Telegraph
How Obama Should Help the Auto Industry - Alex Taylor, Fortune
Green Goal of 'Carbon Neutrality' Hits Limit - Wall Street Journal
Airline Flight-Tests Biofuel in a Jet's Engine - San Francisco Chronicle
Oil Dips Below $40 Over Economic Concerns - Associated Press
Carbon Limits, Yes; Energy Subsidies, No - Wall Street Journal
Chance for a Net-Zero Gas Tax - Charles Krauthammer, Weekly Standard
Solar Meets Polar as Winter Curbs Clean Energy - New York Times
Burning Coal at Home Is Making a Comeback - New York Times
TX an Untapped Resource for Solar Energy - Fort Worth Business
Futures Rise; Energy Shares Eyed - Wall Street Journal
Obscure Fee Pays for Efficient-Energy Projects - New York Times
Now is the Time to Impose a Gas Tax - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Obama's Down Payment - Lawrence Summers, Washington Post
Catalyzing the Clean-Energy Economy - d'Arbeloff and Taneja, Boston Globe
Energy Industry Braces for Obama - CNN Money
Unrest Against Well-Heeled Liberals is Brewing - Joel Kotkin, Forbes
As Oil Sinks, Officials to Fight Speculation - Wall Street Journal
Gas Prices Shouldn't Set Our Energy Policy - News & Observer
Scientists See Silver Lining in Dark Matter - Chicago Tribune
Obama Picks Global Warming Experts - Washington Post
Energy Outlook Projects Slower Energy Use - Farm Futures
LaHood and Solis: Second Round Picks - John Judis, New Republic Blogs
Obama's Energy Focus - Reuters
A Novel, Nobel Idea at Energy - Boston Globe
Next on Obama's Dance Card, Mother Nature - Washington Post
Oil, Copper Advance After Public Works Promise - Bloomberg
Tight Credit Hits Renewable Energy Construction - Phoenix Business Jrnl
Economists' Doubts About Alternative-Energy - USA Today
Oil Falls to Lowest in Almost 4 Years - Bloomberg
States Wrestle w/Diversifying Energy Portfolios - New York Times
Oil Falls Again as US Demand Drops Further - Bloomberg
Diversify Energy Resources Despite Low Oil Prices - Atlanta JC
Austin Aims to Be Green Energy Capital - Houston Chronicle
Down Goes Oil - The Economist
Solar Thermal Projects Gather Steam, Opposition - Los Angeles Times
Hawaii Endorses Plan for Electric Cars - New York Times
Oil Falls to 3-Year Low - Bloomberg
Jones' Energy Views Worry Environmentalists - Los Angeles Times
Energy Stocks Show Sharp Losses - Albuquerque Express
Despite Oil Drop, Americans Seal Up for Winter - Reuters
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