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2016 Nevada President Election Results

Final Results100% Reporting
checkmarkDemHillary Clinton47.88%537,753
GOPDonald Trump45.53%511,319
LibGary Johnson3.32%37,299
NPD None of these candidates2.56%28,824
IAPDarrell Castle0.46%5,254
NPDRocky De La Fuente0.22%2,541
Dem Gop Other
Carson City County100% Reporting
GOPDonald Trump52.46%13,125
checkmarkDemHillary Clinton38.41%9,610
LibGary Johnson4.63%1,159
NPD None of these candidates3.63%909
IAPDarrell Castle0.61%153
NPDRocky De La Fuente0.23%60
Churchill County100% Reporting
GOPDonald Trump71.58%7,828
checkmarkDemHillary Clinton20.2%2,210
LibGary Johnson4.11%450
NPD None of these candidates3.02%331
IAPDarrell Castle0.84%92
NPDRocky De La Fuente0.22%25
Clark County100% Reporting
checkmarkDemHillary Clinton52.39%401,068
GOPDonald Trump41.75%319,571
LibGary Johnson2.92%22,407
NPD None of these candidates2.28%17,461
IAPDarrell Castle0.41%3,201
NPDRocky De La Fuente0.22%1,713
Douglas County100% Reporting
GOPDonald Trump62.45%17,406
checkmarkDemHillary Clinton30.32%8,453
LibGary Johnson3.59%1,002
NPD None of these candidates3.06%853
IAPDarrell Castle0.38%107
NPDRocky De La Fuente0.17%50
Elko County100% Reporting
GOPDonald Trump73.02%13,542
checkmarkDemHillary Clinton18.33%3,400
LibGary Johnson4.44%824
NPD None of these candidates2.84%528
IAPDarrell Castle1%187
NPDRocky De La Fuente0.34%64
Esmeralda County100% Reporting
GOPDonald Trump77.77%329
checkmarkDemHillary Clinton15.36%65
LibGary Johnson3.54%15
NPD None of these candidates2.6%11
IAPDarrell Castle0.7%3
NPDRocky De La Fuente0%0
Eureka County100% Reporting
GOPDonald Trump84.66%723
checkmarkDemHillary Clinton8.66%74
NPD None of these candidates3.39%29
LibGary Johnson2.22%19
IAPDarrell Castle0.93%8
NPDRocky De La Fuente0.11%1
Humboldt County100% Reporting
GOPDonald Trump70.27%4,521
checkmarkDemHillary Clinton21.54%1,386
LibGary Johnson4.18%269
NPD None of these candidates2.61%168
IAPDarrell Castle1.15%74
NPDRocky De La Fuente0.23%15
Lander County100% Reporting
GOPDonald Trump75.75%1,828
checkmarkDemHillary Clinton16.7%403
LibGary Johnson3.27%79
NPD None of these candidates3.19%77
IAPDarrell Castle0.66%16
NPDRocky De La Fuente0.41%10
Lincoln County100% Reporting
GOPDonald Trump78.37%1,671
checkmarkDemHillary Clinton13.36%285
NPD None of these candidates3.93%84
LibGary Johnson2.9%62
IAPDarrell Castle1.17%25
NPDRocky De La Fuente0.23%5
Lyon County100% Reporting
GOPDonald Trump67.35%16,005
checkmarkDemHillary Clinton25.86%6,146
LibGary Johnson3.42%813
NPD None of these candidates2.41%575
IAPDarrell Castle0.66%159
NPDRocky De La Fuente0.26%64
Mineral County100% Reporting
GOPDonald Trump59.03%1,179
checkmarkDemHillary Clinton31.89%637
LibGary Johnson4.4%88
NPD None of these candidates2.95%59
IAPDarrell Castle0.95%19
NPDRocky De La Fuente0.75%15
Nye County100% Reporting
GOPDonald Trump67.98%13,320
checkmarkDemHillary Clinton26%5,095
LibGary Johnson2.81%552
NPD None of these candidates2.11%414
IAPDarrell Castle0.83%164
NPDRocky De La Fuente0.23%47
Pershing County100% Reporting
GOPDonald Trump70.78%1,403
checkmarkDemHillary Clinton21.69%430
LibGary Johnson2.92%58
NPD None of these candidates2.82%56
IAPDarrell Castle1.46%29
NPDRocky De La Fuente0.3%6
Storey County100% Reporting
GOPDonald Trump63.17%1,616
checkmarkDemHillary Clinton29.39%752
LibGary Johnson3.9%100
NPD None of these candidates2.93%75
IAPDarrell Castle0.35%9
NPDRocky De La Fuente0.23%6
Washoe County100% Reporting
checkmarkDemHillary Clinton46.36%97,032
GOPDonald Trump45.16%94,529
LibGary Johnson4.42%9,251
NPD None of these candidates3.37%7,056
IAPDarrell Castle0.46%968
NPDRocky De La Fuente0.21%446
White Pine County100% Reporting
GOPDonald Trump72.17%2,723
checkmarkDemHillary Clinton18.73%707
LibGary Johnson4%151
NPD None of these candidates3.65%138
IAPDarrell Castle1.06%40
NPDRocky De La Fuente0.37%14
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