Steve Mitchell
Paul Welday
Date: Monday, January 14, 2008

Romney Takes 6%Lead Over McCain
Huckabee Distant Third

Romney 35%, McCain 29%, Huckabee 12%

LANSING, Mich. — Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has taken a 6% lead over U.S. Sen. John McCain according to results of a tracking poll conducted Saturday, Sunday and Monday, January 12-14, 2008. Romney leads with 35% to McCain’s 29%. Mike Huckabee is third at 12%. Rudy Giuliani (3%) and Ron Paul (4%) have both dropped while Fred Thompson (4%), and Duncan Hunter (2%) have stayed the same since last night’s tracking. Seven percent say they will vote “uncommitted” while 4% are undecided.
The telephone tracking poll of likely voters in the Michigan Republican Primary Election is being conducted by Mitchell Interactive. Mitchell Interactive is an East Lansing, Michigan and Washington, DC based national political polling and market research company. The survey of 589 likely Republican Presidential Primary voters has a margin of error of +-4.1% at the 95% level of confidence.
“As the undecided voters make up their minds, more are turning to Mitt Romney than to John McCain. We have also seen the participation among Republicans increase to 80% at the end of phoning tonight. That means that 80% of the voters taking part in the GOP Primary identify themselves as Republicans,” Steve Mitchell, president of Mitchell Interactive said.

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“Romney is very strong with older voters. He loses among 18-39 year olds, ties with 40-59 year olds, and wins by a big margin with voters 60 and over, the same voters who remember his father, Gov. George Romney, the best,” Mitchell said.

Steve Mitchell has been the most accurate pollster in Michigan in the last four presidential campaigns. Polling for the Detroit News in the 2000 MI GOP Primary, his final polling correctly had John McCain winning over George W. Bush. Polling again for the Detroit News in the 2004 MI Dem Primary, his final polling correctly showed the top
four candidates in the order they finished and had John Kerry at 52%, his final margin.
In the 2000 General Election, his final poll had Gore leading by 5% in Michigan, he won by 5%. In the 2004 General Election, his final polling had Kerry leading by 2% in Michigan, he won by 3%. In his final national poll for WDIV-TV in Detroit, he had Bush winning by 4%, he won by 3%.