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If Caroline's Last Name Was Palin

By Andrea Tantaros

What has she done in her career? Does she have the experience to govern? Isn't she just a name and a pretty face in expensive clothes? All of these and more were the questions asked by Democrats regarding Sarah Palin as McCain's pick for Vice President.

But Caroline Kennedy - a similarly intriguing and attractive outsider decked in designer duds and a thin resume - isn't put under the same kind of scrutiny.

The left is just plain giddy with excitement over a return to Camelot, and the New York press corps, the most selectively tough in the business, is following suit. One thing is certain: if Kennedy's last name were Palin she wouldn't even be a consideration for Hillary Clinton's vacant senate seat.

Hillary has been telling her supporters to stop trashing Kennedy, but not because she wants to do Caroline any favors. Caroline and her Uncle Judas Iscariot Kennedy turned on the former first lady in her hour of need, arguably a turning point in the Democratic primary process. The last thing Hillary wants is a discussion and comparison to her lack of experience when she ran for the Senate in the Empire State almost a decade ago.

Obama is certainly pushing for his ally, no doubt. It could only benefit him to have a high-profile advocate on the Hill and Kennedy will certainly be more malleable than Clinton.

And what about this concept of change? The Kennedy family is an institution. They've been around for decades and have been consistently plagued by scandal and drama. Hardly what I'd call a new viewpoint.

As Kennedy travels around the state of New York, not saying much and refusing to answer questions about her lack of experience, I'm curious if she'll sit down with some prominent Big Apple media fixtures like ABC's Charlie Gibson or CBS's Katie Couric and subject herself to their murder boards. As a resident New Yorker I would like to hear Couric ask Kennedy about her feelings on the Peace Bridge in Western New York or Indian gaming in the Catskills. I suspect there would be some stuttering and stammering in her responses, but she'd hardly be called a fool as Palin was.

We always knew the Democrats had a double standard. They nominated the most inexperienced candidate in nearly a century to run for president, while they sought to destroy the Republican nominee for vice president because she wasn't elitist or experienced enough. What they need to learn is that stature is not a substitute for substance, even in New York. But apparently, qualifications don't matter to the left as long as you don't hunt moose.

Andrea Tantaros is a Republican Political Commentator and Fox News Channel columnist. You can find her commentary at