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Why Won't Tim Kaine Be VP?

By Justin Gardner

Well, first off...he keeps on talking...

There has been a long list. It seems to be getting shorter. And I'm still being mentioned. A lot can change day-to-day. But we'll see.

...and talking...

Kaine insisted that he has "no hints about timing" for the veep rollout, whoever the choice may be. But he doesn't seem to mind the spotlight in the meantime. "It's nice to be speculated about," he said with a smile.

...and talking about it.

Of course this is just my own opinion of how this stuff goes, but I think him speaking so openly about it pretty much means he won't get the nod. It's just bad form, and the "gee gosh golly" routine doesn't seem very presidential.

Also, Brendan Nyhan raises a very superficial, but very real point about the look and feel of Kaine. Yes, it does matter, regardless of how much we don't want it to.

So no, I don't think he's the guy, and I think it's down to Biden and Sebelius at this point.

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