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Please Explain the Constitution to Gloria Steinem

By Betsy Newmark

Chrystia Freeman in the Financial Times had lunch with Gloria Steinem and talked a bit of politics. Steinem had this to say about whether or not Hillary Clinton should take the vice presidential nomination if Obama offered it.

She believes women will vote for Obama even if Clinton doesn't get the much-mooted consolation prize of the vice-president's spot on the Democratic ticket - a job Steinem doesn't think is good enough for her anyway. Why? "It's not an independent position, to put it mildly. I would rather see her as the president of the Senate."

Oops. I guess that Steinem doesn't understand that the vice president is, under the Constitution, automatically already president of the Senate. And it's not a powerful position anyway. All he can do is preside over the Senate (hence the name) and break a tie. Perhaps she needs some remedial civics.

I'll give Steinem credit for not blaming Clinton's loss on being a woman. I'm sick of all the whining about how Clinton was treated because she is a woman. However, Steinem does overreach when she talks about how it's still so terrible to be a woman today.
Gender is probably the most restricting force in American life.

I think that poverty or a bad family background without a father around and a teen mother is a lot more restricting than being a woman.

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