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Do NASCAR Fans Wear $520 Shoes?

By John Riley

Maybe this will slow the efforts to portray Obama as an arugula-eating elitist:

HuffPost identifies McCain's footwear. Something called the Ferragamo Pregiato Moccasin -- "Calfskin loafers, with silver-tone 'Gancini' buckles...imported from Italy." Retailing for $520.

Let's stipulate: It has nothing to do with his ability to be president. But for a guy who decided to insert Paris Hilton and Britney Spears into the campaign today, it's a little piece of trivia that seems richly deserved.

Huffington Post has lots of photographic evidence, zooming in on McCain's feet at various campaign stops. Our favorite caption: "July 23: Senator McCain helped a family shop for discount food items in King's Supermarket in Bethlehem, $520 shoes."

Didn't find a beer heiress to marry for nothing, did he? Picture below from the Bergdorf website:


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