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"Jewish Lobby" Story Overinflated

By Kyle Moore

There will probably be more coming on this story as things develop. There are still questions; who's Juan Carlos? How long did the post stay active? But one thing that seems increasingly clear is that the right is working overtime to force fire into a plume of smoke regarding an anti-Semitic post that used to be on

In an incredibly misleading headline, Israel Matzav declares that, "Barack Obama Explains how the Jewish Lobby Works." Doug Ross is only a little better off by advertising that it's the "Official Obama Blog." Of course, as anyone who visits MyBO knows, it is a "community blog." That's to say, it's open to any who register.

It's kind of like letting all of the commenters to your blog have accounts, and letting them bring as many friends as they want.

Does such a situation need constant clean up? Of course it does, that's why the post has already been taken down, but that doesn't keep Little Green Footballs from accusing all of the Obamabots from being big old anti-Semites:

There's something deeply wrong with a presidential candidate who attracts so many of these hateful psychotics. Read the comments; you just won't believe what is allowed to be posted at Barack Obama's web site.

Now, one could accuse LGF of a lot of things, being itself disgusting and offensive at times not the least of which. But two things I don't think I've ever heard them being accused of by anyone with more than two brain cells to knock together would be "smart" and "thorough".

You see, had LGF done the homework, like our mattt did, they would have noticed that the offending post in question was actually copied and pasted from a far right anti-Semite site called Real Jew News. And when you compare the comments in the cached version of the MyBO page (google cache is the only way to see it now), you find something curious-all those anti-Semitic Obamabots posted their comments two months before the MyBO post was even published.

Those hateful comments were ported directly over from the Real Jew News site; the names and time stamps weren't even changed to protect the innocent.

In fact, delving even FURTHER (yes mattt's that awesome), when you find the full cached page, you learn something interesting, there were only TWO comments that ever actually made it from MyBO'ers onto the post, and both were complaints.

Like I said, there are still plenty of questions to be asked, but considering that posts on MyBO often go over a thousand, the fact that this had only two comments before it was filed in the circular filing cabinet points to the fact that it was scrubbed likely at a suitably rapid pace.

Again, MyBO is open. Anyone, say a rabid rightwing nutjob, or a radical commie, or anyone with a mental disorder and access to the internet can post on Obama's page. Thus, trash is likely to spring up from time to time, just as it did now. And, as would be expected, it was rightfully binned.

But hey guys, you keep working on it, 'kay? Don't try to, you know, say anything nice about McCain, we know that's a little tough for EVERYONE involved.

Kyle blogs at Comments From Left Field