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Is Sebelius at the Top of Obama's VP List?

By Justin Gardner


Personally, I've been skeptical because I don't think she could deliver Kansas. McCaskill made a lot more sense.

However...look who popped up on MSNBC as an Obama surrogate tonight to respond to Hillary's win in Puerto Rico:

Okay, so why is this significant? Because note the background for her interview. That ain't's San Francisco. So why would she be in San Francisco of all places? Could she be meeting with Pelosi? Is she being vetted?

Something else about the intervew that struck me as curious...I can't help but think Chris Matthews knows something we don't when he lavishes praise on her at the end of the interview. He doesn't often do that, and if Matthews is anything, he's a very shrewd politico.

Also, I can't discount that she's been able to have a fairly progressive record as the Governor of a red state and still keep her approval numbers up. And she's a perfect fit with Obama's change message because she's been able to set the tone in Kansas that he'll be looking to duplicate in Washington.

Food for thought...

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