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Hillary Claims She Won Most States...

By Justin Gardner

...after February 20th.

Here's what she said...:

"I've been closing very strongly since Feb. 20," she said, referring to the day after Mr. Obama won Hawaii and Wisconsin. "I have won more votes and won more states than Senator Obama. All the independent analyses break in my direction. A lot of the key states that we have to win, I win those states."

So why February 20th?

Well, because before that Obama racked up 11 victories in a row after Super Tuesday. So if you count contests after Super Tuesday, Obama has won 17 and Hillary 8.

However, if you start with the Ohio and Texas contests, well, she's beating him by a count of 8 to 6. So yes, after more than 3/4ths of the contests were over, Hillary leads in states won.

This one definitely goes in the Dumb Things Said By Smart People category.

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