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Could Bill Prevent Hillary from Getting VP Slot?

By Justin Gardner

WSJ explains why:

[...] close advisers to Sen. Obama signaled an Obama-Clinton ticket was highly unlikely. People in both camps cited what several called "a deal-breaker" -- Bill Clinton may balk at releasing records of his business dealings and big donors to his presidential library.

Remember, many feel (including myself) that the financial records of politician's spouses are fair game now, and none moreso than a former President's. The logic for the full disclosure argument is if you jointly benefit from each other's incomes, both incomes should be open to the same intense scrutiny.

Obviously this doesn't mean Hill won't get the VP slot, because maybe Bill will want to release all that info above and beyond his tax returns.

But if it's the case that Bill won't release those records...I'll make the case again that Bill is probably the single biggest reason Hillary failed this year. Yes, there were a bunch of organizational problems with her campaign, but if he hadn't gone off script repeatedly Hillary may have pulled tighter in many states and come out with more delegates. At least it would've been a hell of a lot closer race and she'd have increased leverage. She may have even been able to take this to the convention.

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