The RealClearPolitics Download: Election 2012: A Time for Choosing

What is Romney looking for in a running mate? How did Gingrich treat Juan Williams and John King after his fiery exchanges with the two debate moderators in South Carolina? What did Rick Perry say he learned from his experience running for President? How are Obama and Romney planning to attack each other?

RealClearPolitics’ second eBook on the 2012 election answers these questions and many more, providing fascinating insights behind the pivotal moments in the campaign. With in depth interviews from the Republican candidates and their campaign staffs, ELECTION 2012: A Time for Choosing details the brutal nominating contest that led Romney to becoming the GOP candidate for president, and how his team, and his opponent, are preparing for the onslaught this fall.

About the Authors:

Tom Bevan is the co-founder and Executive Editor of Real Clear Politics. Over the last eleven years under Tom’s editorial leadership, RCP has grown into one of the most widely read and well-respected independent political sites on the Internet.

Carl M. Cannon, Washington Editor of RealClearPolitics, has covered every presidential campaign and convention since 1984—and interviewed every U.S. president since Gerald Ford. Carl covered the White House for 15 years, during both the Clinton and Bush administrations, winning the two most prestigious journalistic awards for coverage of the presidency.