Saturday-Sunday, March 11-12

Hindsight, In Retrospect - Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Dish
Romney's Surprising Second - Hugh Hewitt,
Pointless Prognostication - Amy Sullivan, Political Animal
Romney Stuns in Straw Poll - Ed Morissey, Captain's Quarters
Michelman Did the Right Thing - Markos Moulitsas, Daily Kos
Looking Back on 1994 - Michael Barone, Barone Blog
Domestic Policy Advisor Claude Allen Arrested - Josh Marshall, Talking Pts Memo
The Next Beltway Brouhaha - Michelle Malkin,
Milosevic: The Man Who Moved from Red to Brown - Austin Bay, Austin Bay Blog
Fear Wins Fake Ports Debate - Jim Zogby, Huffington Post
The Twelve Mohammed Cartoons in Detail - Eugene Volokh, The Volokh Conspiracy
How Covert Was Valerie Plame (IV)? - Tim Maguire, JustOneMinute

Friday, March 10

A Dreadful Interlude For All Involved - Ed Morissey, Captain's Quarters
Well, I Feel Much Safer - Daniel Drezner,
Port Deal Dead / Where Does That Leave Dems? - Donnie Fowler, Huffington Post
Dubai Ports World: Carol Platt Liebau | TalkLeft | The Anchoress | Mickey Kaus
Is Dean Rescuing the Republicans in 2006?
- Peter Byrnes, Liberty Files
Yep, Impeachment is a Bad Idea - Josh Marshall, TPMCafe
Bartlett's Epiphany (According to Krugman) - Donald Luskin, Poor and Stupid
Republican Study Committee Budget: Contract w/ America, Pt. 2 - Jon Henke, QandO
Moving Beyond the Bogus Poll - Austin Bay, Austin Bay Blog
A New Oversight? - David Corn,
Zarqawi Was Here - Michael Totten, Middle East Journal
Does the President See the Tipping Point? - Jim Geraghty, TKS

Thursday, March 9

The Kos Record is Intact - PoliPundit, PoliPundit
Kos and the "Ideology of Winnerism": Kevin Drum | McQ | Markos Moulitsas
More on the Futility of the Liberal Blogosphere - Jason Zengerle, The Plank
House Republicans Send a Message - Michelle Malkin,
Panic in the Ranks? - John Hinderaker, Power Line
A Samuelson-Style Compromise on Immigration? - Ross Douthat, American Scene
Hillary's Two Faces - Neal Boortz, Nealz Nuze
Against CanadaCare - Ezra Klein, Tomorrow's Media Conspiracy Today
Reviewing An Army Of Davids - Tigerhawk, Tigerhawk
Reynolds' Rap: An Army of Davids Will Lead Us - Arianna Huffington, Huff Post
Civil Discourse with Clarence Page Re: Zogby “Poll” - Bruce Kesler, Dem. Project
Post-Cartoon Censorship - John Leo, John Leo's Blog

Wednesday, March 8

It's Bush Versus Congress On The Ports Issue - Joe Gandelman, Moderate Voice
Time for Congressional GOP to Make Up With Bush - Peter Byrnes, Liberty Files
Presidential Templates - Mark Schmitt, Tapped
Libertarian Forum Steps Out From The Pack - Ed Morissey, Captain's Quarters
TX-28 Postmortem, Part II: Qualitative and Strategy - Chris Bowers, MyDD
A Texas-Sized Thumping of the Berkeley Left - Daniel McKivergan, Weekly Standard
A Democratic "Contract"? - Michael Crowley, The Plank
Open Seats in the 2006 Mid Terms - Mark Noonan, GOP Bloggers
Congress Asserts Authority on Wiretaps, Bush Ignores It - Jacob Sullum, Hit & Run
NSA Wins, Terrorists Lose - AJ Strata, The Strata-Sphere
Pillar at the CFR: Did Bush Exploit Fear? Did He Lie? - David Corn,
Cheney Is Resolute, But Are We? - John Hinderaker, Power Line

Tuesday, March 7

SC Upholds Solomon Amendment - Stephen Bainbridge,
The GOP Unraveling Begins - Jack Balkin, Balkinization
Hillary Plays the Gender Card - Carol Platt Liebau
A Leakage of Reality in the White House - Marshall Wittmann, Bull Moose
Jihad at UNC: Will We Call it Terrorism? - Mary Katharine Ham,
Does the ‘P’ in ‘PR’ Stand for ‘Press’ or ‘Public’? - Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine
Mortars Were Louder Than Reason in Baghdad Today - Mohammed, Iraq the Model
The Specter of Growing US-Shi'a Tension? - Greg Djerejian, Belgravia Dispatch
Mazarr’s Extremism, Terror, & the Future of Conflict
- Austin Bay, Austin Bay Blog
How Money Is Clouding the Ports Deal Debate - Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post
Loved the Emcee, but No Pimp Songs, Please - John Leo, John Leo's Blog
Universal Health Care and the Blogosphere - Kevin Drum, Political Animal

Monday, March 6

The Realist-Retreatist Divide - Hugh Hewitt,
Republicans --- Heading for the Minority - Neal Boortz, Nealz Nuze
John Edwards Embarrassed Himself on Meet the Press - Matt Stoller, MyDD
Abortion Bills Busting Out All Over - Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit
When Would Jesus Bolt? - Kevin Drum, Political Animal
God Lied, People Died? - Tom Maguire, JustOneMinute
Tehran vs. Turtle Bay: Iran Tests the UN - Suzanne Nossel, Huffington Post
Thinking About Iran - Paul Mirengoff, Power Line
How Scared Are We? - Ezra Klein, TPMCafe
Why Are Liberals In Deep Denial? - AJ Strata, The Strata-Sphere
Hollywood's Real Phobia - Mickey Kaus, Kausfiles
Movies Nobody Bothered to See - Peter Byrnes, Liberty Files

Saturday-Sunday, March 4-5

Hillary, Bill, Dubai, and 2008 - Michael Crowley, The Plank
The Realist-Retreatist Divide - Hugh Hewitt,
The Dems Are in Trouble - Ben Helwig, Lux et Veritas
Will DeLay's Fate Be Sealed in Two Days? - Jonathan Singer, MyDD
Stop!!! They're Investigating Leaks!!! - Byron York, The Corner
AP Admits Error in Katrina Video Story - Kevin Aylward, Wizbang
Kurds as Liberals - Jonathan Dworkin, Political Animal
MSM Owes Readers When Reporting Outside Polls - Bruce Kesler, Democracy Proj.
The NYT on Hamas: Something Happened - Barry Rubin, History News Network
How It Will Happen - InstaPunk,
Oscar Watch - Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post
Academy Awards Spectacular - Mark Coffey, Decision '08

Friday, March 3

“The Head of the Snake” - Michael Totten, Middle East Journal
Is There a Churchill in the Democrats' Ranks? - Marshall Wittmann, Bull Moose
Failure of DPW Deal Will Be Good for Mideast & Bush - Peter Byrnes, Liberty Files
The Sense of Uneasy Acquiescence on Ports Deal - James Lileks, Screedblog
Dear Michael Brown: I Was Wrong - Joe Gandelman, The Moderate Voice
Topping Out - Mickey Kaus, Kausfiles
5 Things Bush Can Do to Help His Approval #'s - John Hawkins, Right Wing News
Bush's Nuclear Deal With New Delhi - Suzanne Nossel, Huffington Post
Will the India Gambit Be Worth It? - Daniel Drezner,
The India Nuclear Deal Can Be Improved - Ivo Daalder, TPMCafe
Unhinged Teacher Caught on Tape - Michelle Malkin,
Progressive Unanimity on Universal Health Care - Ezra Klein, Tapped

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