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Welcome to the NEW RealClearBlogs!

Four months ago, we launched RealClearBlogs to cover online political commentary in our own unique way. Our goal was to create a clear and concisely organized site that featured links to the best posts from around the blogosphere. To that end, when we started, we believed that there was an undervalued and under-utilized function for a link. Even though the most intriguing use of links connected bloggers on opposing sides of an issue, the vast majority of links connected bloggers on the same side. And so, realizing a potential niche, we decided to focus this space around the idea of grouping bloggers who don't agree rather than those who do.

Or, as Mickey Kaus put it, this is the "blog fight page."

And to this point, we've filled that niche successfully. Our traffic has grown considerably since we launched, and we receive encouraging emails everyday from readers giving us helpful suggestions and, of course, links to quality posts. But in the process of building RealClearBlogs, we've had a couple realizations.

First, a site dedicated to covering blogs should be continuously updated. Accordingly, we scrapped the morning and afternoon editions, and will now be adding Debates and Discussions and other Featured Posts throughout the day.

And second, we couldn't continue to maintain a site about blogs without having a blog ourselves. This problem has been remedied, of course, by what you're reading now. Unlike before, not only will we be able to describe the what and who of a debate, but now we can address why we think it's important.

Having made those changes, we'd like to welcome you back, once again, to our site. Please continue to send us emails when you agree with us, and, in keeping with the theme of RealClearBlogs, especially when you don't.

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