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Resuscitating Rudy?

Is Giuliani still in it to win it? Chris Cillizza says yes:

The reality is that the first nine months of this race overstated just how strong a frontrunner he was, while the last few weeks of surveys probably understate his chances at the nomination. National polls are helpful in determining broad trends within the electorate, but they tend to be less helpful in predicting the horse race as the numbers often sway in reaction to results in early states.

Another contributing factor to the perceived decline of Giuliani's campaign is that the 24-hour news cycle almost compels a granular approach to political coverage that accentuates the events of each day. Thus, the media often has trouble stepping back and seeing the broader picture in the fight for the nomination. Blogs like The Fix (sigh) further the idea that tomorrow is the most important day of any campaign, and, if not tomorrow, then certainly the day after tomorrow.

The truth of the matter is that the fundamentals that Giuliani needed to be in place to have a chance at the nomination remain. The GOP field is muddled, the wealthy candidate could be out of the race as early as Tuesday, and it is clear that Florida's primary will matter. The stories of an alleged fundraising shortfall have the potential to gum up the works for Giuliani, but it now seems likely that he will have the chance his campaign has long hoped for: To have a win in Florida mean something.

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