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Mitt's Money

Dean Barnett on the money bomb:

The Romney campaign had a national call day yesterday that was reminiscent of the call day last winter whose blockbuster success heralded Romney's arrival as a candidate to be reckoned with. Yesterday's haul was also pretty impressive - an estimated $5 million. But the numbers aren't quite as impressive when you dig into them a bit. Of the $5 million, $3.5 million are general election funds. They'll be of no use unless Romney wins the nomination.

The $1.5 million remainder that can be used for more pressing concerns like surviving beyond next Tuesday is still a pretty good take. Spencer Zwick, the Romney campaign's young fundraising guru, should find his services in great demand throughout the political world after the Romney campaign shutters its doors, be it sometime soon or after the general election.

As a Romney guy, what I find dispiriting about this story is that even facing the most crucial stretch of the campaign, a five day spell that the campaign may well not survive, the Romney campaign is still publicly talking process. Every other campaign with even an outside shot has long since settled on a simple message that it hammers repeatedly and exclusively. You know them all by heart: McCain's got the war experience. Obama is a new and exciting agent of change. Hillary's an old and boring agent of change. And yet lacking a unifying narrative, the Romney campaign still talks about fundraising activities.

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