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Mea Matthews

So Chris Matthews has apologized for his comments about Hillary Clinton. Was it enough? Steve Benen is unconvinced:

I found his contrition underwhelming. For one thing, Matthews didn't apologize willingly -- he insisted for nearly two weeks that his comments were perfectly appropriate, and only backpedaled when the network started feeling the heat.

For another, Matthews' apology made it sound as if his misogyny problem was limited to one anti-Clinton diatribe. It's not; his problem extends to other women, and has for quite a while.

What I'd hoped to hear is a sense that Matthews realizes that he's been disrespectful to women, and that he's finally ready to change his attitude. Instead, we heard one statement of contrition about one incident.

Matthews has a pattern of behavior. I got the sense that last night's mea culpa was, as far as he's concerned, the end of the controversy. In reality, it should be just the initial step.

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