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Dennis The Menace

Ed Morrissey on the Kucinich re-count:

At least we have more confirmation about the thought processes of Dennis "UFO" Kucinich. He's going to spend at least $2,000 out of his campaign funds to conduct a recount based on Internet rumors. The total could run much higher than that, depending on the cost of the recount, and Kucinich -- who finished dead last -- would not benefit from any adjustment in the vote totals.

The one campaign that might, and who actually has the cash to pay for a recount, hasn't asked for one. Why not? Because the Barack Obama team doesn't make decisions by listening to the fever swamps. They understand that the difference between the machine-counted precincts and the hand-counted precincts is that the former tend to be in the bigger cities such as Nashua and Manchester where Hillary had significant polling leads before the primary. The hand-counted precincts were in areas known to be Obama territory.

Kucinich represents the lunatic fringe of the Democrats, but one might have thought that he'd have a little more sense than to indulge their fantasy life and validate their rumor mill. How did this man get elected to Congress at all?

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