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Dem On Dem Crime

From Liberty Pundit:

Is anyone surprised that the Democrats are the ones that have devolved into this ludicrousness? Rarely do primaries result in such party-on-party crime, but this election has no clear leader on either side, so everyone is pulling out all the stops. And, what do you get? Democrats being Democrats against each other. What normally is reserved for a general election (and what normally is reserved fro Republicans) is front-and-center among the Dems themselves. The whole thing is just absurd. The only interesting question left is: are Hillary and Obama really racist and sexist? Or, if not, have their baiting-tactics finally been exposed for what they are - bogus? In any event, it can't help either one of them come the general election.

Rarely do primaries result in such party-on-party crime? What about calling Catholics in Michigan, or whisper campaigns in South Carolina?

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