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Jon Swift has a fantastic roundup of reader-submitted blog posts from all throughout 2007. It's a good read, so check it out.

My personal choice--not represented on Swift's list--is this May post by Andrew Sullivan on the double-edged sword that is the blog medium:

Matt Drudge once insisted to me a central fact of the Internet: it's a broadcast, not a piece of writing. Or rather it is writing as a broadcast. The skills for broadcasting - presentation, speed, performance, spontaneity - are not those for writing in the traditional sense. That is partly why I've found the medium so interesting. It really does represent a new, deconstructed, provisional way of writing - halfway between radio and print journalism - and we still don't know where it will end. I've spent these past seven years exploring this unknown territory, and all the time, I've wondered if I wouldn't have been better off in a more traditional milieu. Producing a book while blogging was almost impossible. It wasn't so much the time (though that was hard); it was the very different mindset needed when you sit down to write something that you hope will last a few years and something that you know will only last a few hours.

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