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Religious Straitjacket

There's a difference between allowing faith to inform your decisions and allowing faith to pigeonhole you. Rick Moran explains:

But there is a huge difference between being inspired or animated in your politics by religion and thrusting your religious beliefs forward as "proof" of your superiority as a candidate. Or that your faith gives you a privileged position in a debate over public policy issues.

And that, boys and girls, is the problem with this GOP field. The Democrats have their own agenda when it comes to trying to appeal to Christians. Witness Barack Obama's efforts in South Carolina where he staged a "Gospel-fest" featuring some of the country's finest Gospel singers. But Obama seems to wear his faith like an old coat - comfortable and roomy. Candidates Romney and Huckabee wear their faith like a straitjacket, the tenets of which limit their worldview while binding them to positions on social issues that brook no opposition because they are based on holy writ.

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