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Pilgrimage 2.0

John Burgess on a high speed Hajj to Mecca:

I have to say that upon first reading this Saudi Gazette article, I was a bit puzzled why pilgrims, performing one of the utmost duties of Muslims--the Hajj--would need to have WiFi. Hajj, however, is not just the rituals that take place near the Kaaba, Mina, and the other stations of the pilgrimage. There's a lot of 'down time', particularly at night, when it might indeed be useful for businessmen. I still get a crossed-wire, though. I would think that even during off-time, pilgrims would be more interested in their spiritual well-being than in surfing the net. I would certainly hope that there're no WiFi access points at either the Grand Mosque in Mecca or the Prophet's Mosque in Medina!

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