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Mea Culpa on Kerrey

So yesterday I defended Bob Kerrey's comment about Sen. Obama's middle name, as I though it had some merit to it. It turns out Kerrey proceeded to stick his foot in his mouth throughout the day. Carpetbagger Report has more:

What's more, there's still the context to consider. Just as the race started to get much more competitive, nationally and in the early contests, Billy Shaheen talked up the drug issue, Mark Penn not-so-subtly threw around the word "cocaine" on MSNBC last week, Clinton herself warned of unidentified "surprises" from her rivals, and now a prominent Clinton supporter is subtly repeating some of the points in a deceptive email lie making the rounds.

Just to be clear, this could be a coincidence, and Kerrey might be as rhetorically clumsy as he seems. But it's also possible that the Clinton campaign, feeling the heat, is aiming below the belt. I really hope that's not the case.

Marc Ambinder rips up the silly "secular Madrassa" comment, too. So is Kerrey just an idiot, or is something more nefarious going on here?

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