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This morning marks the return of Don Imus to the airwaves, approximately 8 months after what he and his staff now refer to as "the incident."

Patrick of FishBowlDC has been live-blogging the show all morning, just in case you missed it. Also, Nicholas Wapshott writes in the NY Sun on what the I-Man's return may mean for the '08 election:

Who's afraid of Don Imus? Not the Republican front-runner in Iowa, Michael Huckabee, who has agreed to appear on the "Imus in the Morning" radio program, which returns this morning after a nine-month silence.

Presidential candidates in both parties now face a new and unpredictable danger: the rebukes and ridicule of the politically incorrect Mr. Imus, 67, the often foul-mouthed and acid-tongued former Marine who consolidated his radio fame by luring onto the air senior politicians and political journalists willing to risk association with controversy to reach his enormous audience.

How much influence the recalcitrant broadcaster will have on the candidates entering into the final month of campaigning before the Iowa caucuses will depend on how quickly Mr. Imus can recapture his lost form after so long an absence and how many of his regular prominent guests are prepared to resume being associated with him.

Dodd and McCain were both already on this morning.

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